How to Clean Swimming Goggles? Tips Full Guide 2022

If you wear swimming goggles, it's important to clean them regularly. Tavik will help them last longer and prevent them from getting cloudy. Here are some tips on how to clean swimming goggles.

Why Do Goggles Get Dirty Quickly?

The main reason why goggles get dirty rapidly is that they don't fit the swimmer properly, which means that the eye cups are constantly immersed in water, causing this issue. As a result, it's critical to make sure the goggles are snug and that you're only exposed to a small amount of water.

How to Clean Swimming Goggles?

Step 1: Basic Cleaning and Preparation

Before we whip out the soap, we must first clean and prepare our goggles. This will ensure that they are ready for a thorough cleaning and that no damage occurs when we give them a new look. We want to make sure we have everything before we begin cleaning. This will make the cleaning process easier and faster. Here's a list of items you will need. Most people have them lying around. You just need to gather them in one place where you are cleaning. What you need

  • A small bowl or bucket.
  • A tap that allows you to draw water (preferably cold or warm).
  • Any mild soap that you have lying around.
  • 1 small, old or new sponge
  • Towel
  • Vinegar.
  • 1 tablespoon.

Now that you have everything in order, it's time to clean your swimming goggles. One rule you must follow when cleaning your swimming goggles is: Do not touch the lenses, especially on their insides. This can cause your swimming goggles to become less visible. With that being said, rinse your swimming goggles with cool or lukewarm water. Personally, I prefer to use lukewarm because it picks up small molecules like dust better. Make sure you rinse your goggles well to remove any dirt, sand or dust that might have gotten on them. Also, make sure to give them a good soak to get rid of any chemicals in the pool, such as chlorine, which can cause your goggles to age more quickly. We're ready to go on to step 2 now that you've completed step 1.

Step 2- Cleaning The Straps.

Cleaning The Straps

  1. Soak the straps of your swimming goggles in soap.

The most important thing to remember while cleaning your goggle straps is to avoid getting soap on the lenses or gaskets. Fortunately, most goggles allow you to unhook the strap from the lenses and gaskets, allowing you to clean them without worrying about damaging the lenses or gaskets. If this is your first time removing the straps from your goggles, I recommend taking a photo or two and making mental notes to ensure that you can properly reconnect them so that your goggles can resume their normal fit. After you've detached the lenses and gaskets, fill your bucket or basin with cold or lukewarm water and some soap. After that, soak the straps in soapy water for a few seconds before massaging them to eliminate any remaining filth. You can also wipe them off with a small sponge if you want. To ensure that they are thoroughly cleansed, I recommend washing them for at least 2-3 minutes.

  1. Use cold water to rinse the swimming goggle straps.

After you've finished washing the straps, remove them from the soapy water and rinse them with cold water. Make certain that all of the soap has been removed. If you weren't able to remove the goggle lenses and gaskets before beginning, rinse them off to ensure that no soapy solution gets on those parts of your goggles.

  1. Allow your swimming goggle straps to air dry.

After you've rinsed the soap from your goggles straps, lay them out on your towel and let them air dry; don't rub or manually dry them because this might cause them to stretch or even snap, which isn't ideal. After you've completed the first two steps, you're ready to move on to the third and last step, which is cleaning the goggle lenses.

Step 3: Clean the Goggle Lenses, and Remove Any Dirt.

How To Clean Goggle Lenses Note: If your goggle lens are still dirty, you can clean the goggle straps with the same soap you used to wash them.

  1. This special vinegar cleaning mixture can be used to clean your swimming goggle lenses.

First, clean the bucket or bowl that was used to wash the straps. You can just wash the bucket with soapy water, rinse it well and then you are good to go. After that, we can start to make our cleaning mixture. It's super-basic and yet very effective. Fill the bucket or bowl with hot water. Add 5 tablespoons vinegar to the bowl or bucket once it is full. Give it a stir to mix it well. Once the mixture is ready, add your swimming glasses and possibly your goggle straps. After that, let it sit for at least 2 hours.

  1. Use cold water to rinse your swimming goggles.

After your swimming goggles are in the cleaning solution for two hours, you can remove them. To get the best cleaning results, it is important to rinse your swimming goggles immediately with cold water.

  1. Air dry your swimming goggle lenses by shaking them.

After you have rinsed your goggles, shake off any water. Then dry them with a towel. Once they are completely dry, put them back together. Adjust the fit to ensure a secure fit. That's all. Now you can clean your swimming goggles. However, I have also included some information on how to maintain your swimming goggles so they last as long as possible.

Goggle Care And Maintenance: The 5 Golden Rules.

How To Store Swimming Goggles

1. Never Touch or Wipe Your Swimming Goggle Lenses.

This is the most important rule for durable and long-lasting swimming goggles. This is due to a few reasons. Dirt: When you touch your swimming goggles lenses, they can pick up oil and dirt from your fingers. This will cause blurred vision while swimming. Scratches: You can have your swimming goggles scratched by touching them with your fingernails or rough cloths. This will not only make your goggles look old and shabby, but also makes it difficult to see the lenses and can even distract you from training or racing. Anti-fog coating damages: Many swimming goggles have an anti-fog layer on the inside. You can also scratch the lenses by rubbing them. This can cause your eyes to fog up and reduce vision.

2. Keep the Anti-fog Coating on Your Swimming Goggles Fresh.

Unfortunately, the anti-fog coating of your swimming goggles will eventually wear down regardless of how often you touch them. There is an easy way around this problem. You can buy an anti-fog spray. It won't last as well, but it will get you through your practice.

3. Store Your Swimming Goggles In A Protective Case.

A protective case is another simple way to keep your swimming glasses in top condition. You may receive a simple plastic case with your goggles. If you want something more durable and can get better results, I suggest the Arena Goggle Case from SwimOutlet. It is very affordable and offers excellent quality. This is the goggle case I use for my expensive goggles. It can hold 2 pairs of goggles at once and an additional pair if necessary.

4. Don’t Expose Your Swimming Goggles to Extreme Heat or Sunlight.

This is the most dangerous thing you can do to your swimming goggles' safety. Swimming goggles that are exposed to sunlight can cause small degradations to the silicone, which can lead to premature aging. If your goggles are exposed to extreme heat, the gaskets can melt and render your goggles useless. For example, you could leave your goggles inside your car's cab on a hot day. Funny story: I was traveling to an overseas swimming meet when one of my friends decided to pack his goggles into his luggage. It goes under the plane, where temperatures aren’t controlled. We were met by a bowl of melted goggle gaskets when we arrived at the hotel that night. It was quite funny, for me anyway.

5. Don’t Store Wet Swimming Goggles.

Allowing your goggles to air dry before packing them up isn't such a bad idea, but it's still something I advocate. When you place them in your goggle case while they're still damp, they're more likely to degrade quickly or perhaps grow mildew.


Best Way To Clean Goggles

How Can I Make My Goggles Clear Again?

Fogging in your goggles could be caused by the difference in temperature between the outside and the inside or the humidity. Wipe them clean with a towel soaked in rubbing alcohol.

How Do You Fix Cloudy Swimming Goggles?

There are several ways to fix cloudy swimming goggles. You can use toothpaste. You can also mix vinegar and water. Baking soda is another option.

How Do You Clean PPE Goggles?

There are several ways to clean PPE glasses. There are three options for cleaning PPE goggles: soap and water, disinfectant or a sanitizer. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly.

How Do You Use Baby Shampoo for Swim Goggles?

Baby shampoo can be used to make swim goggles. Simply put some shampoo in a bowl or cup and add water to make it runny. Use a cloth or your fingers to spread the mixture on the goggles. Allow them to sit for a while to let the shampoo loosen any dirt and debris. Rinse them with clean water.

Why Do Swim Goggles Fog Up?

Swimming goggles fog up when the moist, warm air in them meets the colder lenses of the goggles. The water vapor in the atmosphere condenses into small droplets that scatter light, causing the goggles' to fog.

Can I Use Rubbing Alcohol To Clean My Glasses?

You can clean your glasses with rubbing alcohol. It is best to avoid using rubbing alcohol on lenses with coatings as it can cause damage.

Can I Use Hand Sanitizer to Clean My Glasses?

You can clean your glasses with hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer can cause damage to the coating of your glasses. Use a soft cloth instead to clean your lenses.

Can You Use Alcohol Wipes On Glasses?

Alcohol wipes can be used on glasses. It is important to ensure that you only use alcohol wipes for cleaning glasses. Some wipes could contain chemicals that can damage lenses. To ensure safety, you should first test the lens to be sure that there are no adverse reactions.

How Long Should Swim Goggles Last?

Swimming goggles are not perfect and can be easily damaged. Each day they deteriorate slightly. You and your swimmer will have to decide when the lenses become too scratched or not watertight anymore. Swimmers who swim a lot will need to replace their goggles every six months.


If you use swimming goggles, it's important to clean them properly to maintain clear vision and prevent infection. Hope that this guide is helpful. Thank you for reading.