Top Best Swimming Places In San Antonio 2022: Find Out Where To Go Today

Top Best Swimming Places In San Antonio 2022: Find Out Where To Go Today

San Antonio is a great place to swim, with plenty of options for swimming places. The city has several outdoor pools that are perfect for a hot day and indoor pools if you’re looking to escape the heat.

There are also several natural swimming holes in and around San Antonio, perfect for a cooling dip on a hot summer day.

Check out our list of the best swimming places in San Antonio! There’s something for everyone, from secluded natural pools to busy public beaches. So grab your swimsuit and towel and head on out!

The Best Swimming Spots In San Antonio

Best Swimming Places In San Antonio

1. San Pedro Springs

San Pedro Springs is one of the oldest parks in Texas. It is also the largest in the country. This is a great place to grill outside of the pool. You can also enjoy a barbecue or grill near the waterslides. Grab your best meats and grab a grill to cook while you swim.

After you’re done swimming, you can dry off under the shade of trees to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Downtown SA.

Garner State Park

2. Garner State Park

Garner State Park is an excellent place to go for a swim and a hike. The park boasts 2.9 miles of Frio River that runs through scenic Hill Country terrain. There are many things to do and see in the park.

You can swim in the Frifittero River or ride an inner tube through its waters. Also, you can paddle boat 16 miles on scenic trails. You can use it for day or overnight camping, but reservations are required.

 Lake Amistad Recreation Area

3. Lake Amistad Recreation Area

The U.S. portion is a borderland paradise that offers water recreation, camping, and rock art viewing. It’s the perfect place to escape the heat of the desert heat. If you want to swim in this natural oasis, head to Governors Landing and Diablo East.

Comal River

4. Comal River

Water parks are available. The Comal River, a body of water springs from a spring, maintains a constant temperature of 70-72 degrees even during the summer heat. You can enjoy the natural water for swimming in San Antonio, kayaking, and tubing with your whole family.

Canyon Lake

5. Canyon Lake

You’ll find Canyon Beach Park on Canyon Lake’s northern shore. Take the exit from IH-35 to Buc-ee’s. It’s almost like being at the gulf with picnic tables, nearby grills, and a sandy beach.

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6. Krause Springs

There are 32 natural and artificial springs scattered across the property’s 115-acre area. This ensures endless relaxation.

Blanco State Park

7. Blanco State Park

This amazing Blanco State Park is a great place to eliminate summertime sadness. This beautiful park is also a great place to swim in San Antonio. After swimming, you can bring your fishing rod and canoe to catch unlimited amounts of sunfish.

This park is next to downtown Blanco and offers overnight camping with stunning waterfalls nearby. This is a great place to spend some time in the wilderness.

Rio Vista Park

8. Rio Vista Park

This spring-fed water pool in Rio Vista Park, nestled among huge rocks, is one of San Antonio’s best natural swimming spots. On a sunny summer day, the spring-fed pool is filled with San Marcos River water that will cool you down.

The park can get a little crowded in summer, but the San Marcos River water will almost cool you down like Rio Vista Park’s main pond.

Medina Lake

9. Medina Lake

Although the area is best known for its fishing and boating, it’s also a popular spot for visitors to take a dip after a fishing trip or after a picnic at Bandera County Park.

Landa Park Aquatic Complex

10. Landa Park Aquatic Complex

Landa Park, which has more than 50 oak-shaded areas and a miniature golf course, makes it excellent natural swimming in San Antonio aquatic center. If you want to cool down in the summer heat, visit this spring-fed pool.

You can float on the dry land until your summer worries disappear. As you wander around this beautiful place, there are endless memories. This place offers many extra activities such as zip-lining and water slides for families visiting.

Landa Park is a lovely park in a natural setting. It is a great place to escape on sunny days, especially for family outings.

Deep Eddy

11. Deep Eddy

Deep Eddy, a swimming pool located in the heart of Austin, is one of the oldest pools in Texas. There is a limited capacity, so ensure you get there early to avoid the crowds.

San Marcos River

12. San Marcos River

San Marco is the one of rivers to swim in San Antonio and it is also the best place to go tubing or kayaking, even though spring-fed water is cleaner than regular drinking water.

Many endangered species exist, including Texas wild rice and Texas blind salamander. The best part? The water temperature remains at a constant of 72 degrees.

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13. San Felipe Springs

San Felipe Springs is the fourth-largest state spring, with crystal clear waters that make them an excellent spot for swimming if you live near the border.

Utopia City Park


14. Utopia City Park

Shaded by oak and cypress trees, the Utopia Lake lake is a great place to relax. If you prefer to splash, it’s possible.

15. River Llano The Slab.

You can sunbathe or swim in the shallow water at this popular spot along the Llano River. Make sure to bring sunscreen!

Schumacher Crossing

16. Schumacher Crossing

Locals and tourists love Schumacher Crossing for its beautiful waters and picturesque picnic areas.

Devil's Waterhole

17. Devil’s Waterhole

The stunning sunsets of Texas are captured in Inks Lake’s part. You can explore the beautiful waterfalls downstream if you time your visit to coincide with the running of Valley Spring Creek.

Jacob's Well

18. Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well is a quiet, intimate San Antonio swimming spot. Reservations are required for swimming and should be made at least a few weeks before you go.

Chalk Bluff River Resort

19. Chalk Bluff River Resort

Even though it is on private property, a day pass will allow you to access the resort’s mile-long stretch of the famously clear Nueces River.

Barton Springs

20. Barton Springs

Barton Springs, a 68-70 degree springwater pool in central Austin’s Zilker Park, is great to cool down after a long day exploring Austin’s live music capital.

The pool is closed Thursdays to clean because it is a federally protected habitat for the endangered Barton Springs Salamander. The online admission payment system is available, so please leave your cash at home.

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21. Riding River Ranch

Spend the night in the cabins, and spend the day admiring and wading in spring-fed lakes and springs.

Paradise Canyon


22. Paradise Canyon

Paradise Canyon, a small piece of paradise on the Medina River, has been open since 1957. Paradise Canyon offers a relaxing getaway from the city with activities such as fishing, camping, floating, and picnicking.

Paradise Canyon can be found at 2220 Country Road 2615 Rio Medina.

Blue Hole

23. Blue Hole

Blue Hole is located just minutes from downtown Wimberley and makes for an enjoyable stop on a day trip into the Texas Hill Country. You must make reservations, so plan.

Woodlawn Pool

24. Woodlawn Pool

Woodlawn Lake Park’s impressive pool is not the only attraction. Visitors can also make a day of it with a 1.48-mile walking trail, a fishing dock, and a gym.

Guadalupe River State Park

25. Guadalupe River State Park

You can swim, tube, canoe or fish, or all three! Guadalupe State Park boasts four miles of river frontage. It is sure to provide a fun day.

Boerne City Lake Park

26. Boerne City Lake Park

There is a disc-golf court, a grill area next to the water and a butterfly garden. Boerne City Lake is also a great place to go catamaran sailing. If you do, you’ll enjoy some of the best water in Texas. If you want to park in a premium spot, arrive early.

Zedler Mill

27. Zedler Mill

Zedler Mill offers many swimming opportunities and proximity to quality BBQ (plus a great nickname). You’ll be able to see the sturdy rope swing and water slide-like dam as your first impression.

You won’t have to worry about your safety as you swing from one side to the other, just like the swings made by strangers.

Hamilton Pool

28. Hamilton Pool

Just a swim San Antonio is the Hamilton Pool, a trendy swimming spot. This is the most beautiful and well-maintained swimming hole you’ll ever see in the United States. It looks like a meteor striking a hillside.

You will find huge, water-filled caves behind the pool. The waterfall is 40 feet high, making this spot one of the most fascinating. You must reserve this spot in advance if you want to visit this beautiful location. This place is popular and always on the top of people’s lists.


If you’re looking for a place to take a dip in San Antonio, check out our list of the best swimming spots in the city!

From secluded natural pools to busy public beaches, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Grab your swimsuit and towel and hit the water. Hope to see you there!

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