Top Best Places To Swim In Texas 2022: Find Out Where

If you're looking for the best places to swim in Texas, look no further! We've compiled a list of the top places to take a dip, whether you're looking for a place to cool off in the summer heat or take a refreshing swim year-round. From scenic lakes to world-famous beaches, there's something for everyone on this list. So grab your swimsuit and towel and get ready to make a splash!

Best Places To Swim In Texas

1. Swimming Pools in North Texas

Burger's Lake

Burger's Lake, a park covering 30 acres, has a spring-fed lake that can be used for swimming. It also features sandy beaches that can be used for picnicking and sunning. There is also a 20-foot slide, 25-foot trapeze and diving boards. Swimming Pools in North Texas

Tonkawa Falls

The waterfall, which gushes into a natural pool below the bluffs, is a stunning sight. The swimming hole can be seen from the bridge in the country. Swimming is permitted in the park during the rainy season. Picnickers can enjoy the park's many rock tables and grassy spots. Tonkawa Falls

2. Swimming Pools in Central Texas

Cypress Falls

This spring-fed stream offers cool, clear water that beats the Texas heat. This small dam makes for a beautiful swimming hole. Swimming Pools in Central Texas

Jacob's Well

This is a popular swimming spot that generations have enjoyed. It was also a meeting place for Native Americans and early settlers. The well's mouth measures four meters in diameter. Thousands of gallons of water rise to the surface every minute, feeding Cypress Creek through Wimberley. Jacob's Well

Blue Hole

It is one of the hidden water pools in Texa among the tall bald Cypresses. The old trees provide shade, and you can either jump in the pool or relax in the shade. Open Memorial Day through Labor Day. Blue Hole

Barton Springs Pool

Barton Springs is the state's best swimming hole due to its beautiful setting and the most significant flow of cool waters from the Balcones fault. All year. Barton Springs Pool

Deep Eddy Pool

Deep Eddy Pool, which is Texas' oldest swimming pool, is listed as a historic landmark. Splash Party Movie Nights are held at the pool's large screen. Relax in the pool while watching family movies. The Best Places In Texas To Swim  

Austin Swimming Pools

Within 30 miles of Austin, there are more than 30 swimming pools. Austin Swimming Pools

McKinney Falls

The Medina River, a beautiful, short river, is reminiscent of Upper Guadalupe. A popular spot is a secluded loop located north of Bandera. McKinney Falls

Lake Travis

Hippie Hollow Park, Texas's only clothing-optional public park, is a peaceful cove on the shores of Lake Travis and a famous swimming hole. It is next to The Oasis of Lake Travis, an Austin restaurant famous for its excellent outdoor space and stunning sunsets. You may prefer to keep your clothes on or to make sure others do the same. Pace Bend Park is near Lake Travis and has nine miles of shoreline. It also features other beautiful swimming coves. Lake Travis

River Medina

The Medina River, a beautiful, short river, is reminiscent of Upper Guadalupe. A popular spot is a secluded loop located north of Bandera. River Medina

Blanco State Park

The park is near the town square and features a small dam which creates a large lagoon for swimming and a waterfall. Blanco State Park

Devil's Waterhole

This watering hole is a popular spot for swimming and canoe tours and is also a great place to go on guided canoe trips. It was formed from millions of years of water erosion on solid granite. Devil's Waterhole

The Slab

This is a swimming hole, but not for swimming. It's more for lounging around in the shallow pools and taking in the beautiful view of the spot where the Llano River meets Colorado. best swimming holes in texas

Granite Beach Park

There will be water toys, slides, and an aqua trampoline. This sheltered cove will offer plenty of activities for children. Granite Beach Park

Krause Springs

This is possibly the most beautiful swimming hole in the state. It is located on a bluff with a view of Cypress Creek. The water flows down a bluff through ferns before crashing into the deep pool. The park offers RV and tent camping. Learn more about Krause Springs' fun day. Krause Springs

Hamilton Pool

The 50-foot waterfall creates a beautiful swimming hole. Many have enjoyed swimming in this bright green lagoon, surrounded by a forest. Hamilton Pool

Comal Springs

Texas' most significant group of artesian hot springs with seven outlets. A long water slide is found on the dam's side, forming the City Tube Chute along the river. Comal Springs

City Tube Chute

The City Tube Chute, located on the Comal River, is the most extended anywhere in the world and provides a 30-second thrill ride. City Tube Chute

Cypress Bend Park

You can access the Guadalupe River on the east side of the city from this free park. This park is shaded and has a playground and picnic areas. Cypress Bend Park

Landa Park

Three (3) pools are available at the Landa Park Aquatic Complex. One is a Springfed Pool fed by Comal Springs and maintains a constant 72-degree year-round temperature, while the other two are an Olympic lap pool and a zero-depth wading pool. Landa Park

Rio Vista Park

This section of the San Marcos River, which has a constant temperature of 72 degrees, is ideal for swimming, tubing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Rio Vista Park

Spring Lake Falls

Right across from the TSU Campus, Spring Lake Falls meets the San Marcos River. This area is beautiful, and you can swim or jump into the river. Spring Lake Falls

Hancock Springs Pool

The sulfurous springs, once a health resort, now offer an open-air swimming area. A charming tearoom surrounds the pool. Hancock Springs Pool

3. East Texas Swimming Holes

Ratcliff Lake

This roped-off swimming area is located in East Texas' Davy Crockett Natl Forest. It is one of the secret swimming holes in Texas which ideal spot for canoeing, swimming and paddle boating. Ratcliff Lake

Boykin Springs

A serene nine-acre lake is nestled among the longleaf, loblolly and shortleaf pines of Angelina National Forest. Boykin Springs

4. South Texas Swimming Holes

Nueces River

A low dam creates an open swimming area with water 71 degrees away from the Nueces River, which flows for more than 300 miles before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. There are picnic areas, RV and tent camping. Nueces River

San Pedro Springs

This second-oldest park in America offers people the chance to enjoy the outdoors with fresh air, sun and exercise. San Pedro is a great place to take a stroll, admire the scenery and relax. San Pedro Springs

Inks Lake State Park

Inks Lake, located just one hour north of Austin in the Texas Hill Country, is packed all year. You will find campsites, family-friendly hiking trails, canoe/kayak rentals, and a variety of fish to catch. Inks Lake State Park

Village Creek State Park

You will need to hike one mile to reach the area where the river curves around a giant sandbar. The temperature ranges between 74 and 78 degrees. Village Creek State Park

Brinks Crossing

This is a place where you can relax and get soaked in Guadalupe's deep river waters. You can enjoy a relaxing swim with shade trees or on a sandy beach.

Utopia City Park

This wide swimming spot is created by the riverside slope, which is lined with towering old Cypress trees. It is located 11 miles downstream of the Sabinal River. You can either swim the entire length of the pool, or you can float in your tube. hidden water pools in texas

Come and Take It

Gonzales, Guadalupe River. The pecan and bald cypress trees grace the riverbank. The water is crystal clear, and the rope is tied to a branch of the bald cypress. This allows you to swing into the deep waters. Come and Take It

James Keihl Park

It is the best choice among rivers in Texas to swim. It is a beautiful place to relax and swim among the tall cypresses. James Keihl Park

Garner State Park

This river is tree-lined and has beautiful hills to the west. You can use either flotilla in your tube or paddle in your boat. It is trendy and can get crowded at weekends. Garner State Park

5. South East Texas Swimming Holes

Lake Raven

It is located in the middle of a dense pine forest. Although this Lake is used primarily for fishing, it also has a designated swimming area. The water is light brownish due to the pines' tannin. Lake Raven

6. Swimming pools in West Texas

San Solomon Springs

This 25-foot crystal clear water is referred to as a "Quintessential Oasis" in the Davis Mountains. It flows into channels creating a desert oasis full of birds and aquatic animals. San Solomon Springs

San Felipe Springs

San Felipe Creek is composed of ten springs that join with the Rio Grande. Stone bridges will allow you to cross three of the creek's tributaries. You can either walk on the rocks scattered around the springs or float downstream on an inner tube. A swimming area called Pig Pen has a cement bottom and is a bit less wild. San Felipe Springs

Fort Clark Springs

Las Moras Spring supplies water to this swimming pool, which is third in Texas. It stays 68 degrees all year. Picnic areas are available in the park, which has tables and barbecue cooking equipment. It is located in a gated community with a motel and an RV park. Only members and guests of motels or RV parks can use it. If you're in the area, it is well worth your time. swimming holes in texas

The Quince

This 15-foot-deep swimming hole will provide you with cold, clear water. This pool is accessible to all who can find it within a few hundred yards of River Road, Texas Highway 55. The Quince

Independence Creek Preserve

A small dam created this desert swimming hole in Texas. It is located in deep canyons and mesas covered with scrub. The pool measures three acres and has a stone retaining wall and a natural one. Independence Creek Preserve


So there you have it, the best places to swim in Texas! Whether you're looking for a scenic lake to relax in or a historic pool to take a break in, these places will have you refreshed and ready to hit the pool again soon. It's summertime, so take advantage of the weather and head to one of these great swimming spots!