Get Your Swim On! Discover The Best Spots To Swim In Colorado Springs 202

Looking for great places to swim in Colorado Springs? You're in luck! The city is home to a number of fantastic swimming spots, from natural pools to world-class water parks. Whether you're looking to cool off on a hot day or enjoy some time in the water, these places are sure to please.

Best Places to Swim In Colorado Springs

1. Hole

Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop

Colorado's mountains are home to a secret underground hot spring that sometimes bubbles to the surface, forming mineral-rich pools. There are dozens of hot springs in Colorado, ranging from large, formal swimming pools to small, hidden outdoor ponds. You can't decide which one to visit. Hot spring hopping is a great option. The Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop is a popular route that takes you to 19 hot springs along 720 miles. You'll also see vapor caves along the way and aquatic centers. The popular Strawberry Hot Springs, located in Steamboat Springs' forest, will be your destination. You can also swim naked in it after dark. In Glenwood Springs, you'll find Iron Mountain Hot Springs, the largest pool of mineral hot springs in the world, with its own underwater jet chair. Pagosa Springs is also a popular stop. It's home to some of the deepest hot springs in the world (at least 1,002 ft). However, it's not recommended that you swim in this pool. Don't worry. Pagosa offers a variety of pools, including the hot Lobster Pot. Colorado Historic Hot Springs Loop

Conundrum Hot Springs

Conundrum Hot Spring is a place that deserves its own name due to the fact that it's one world's most famous hot springs. This Colorado hot spring is located at 11,200 feet above sea level. It's not far from Aspen. However, it is not an easy journey. To reach the natural watering hole, you will need to hike approximately nine miles along the Conundrum Creek Trail. The effort is well worth it. The pools are completely surrounded by nature, and clothing is not required. This water is naturally heated, unlike non-geothermal water bodies in the mountains, which can get quite frigid even in summer. It can be difficult to get back on track after you have soaked your muscles in the healing waters. Conundrum Hot Springs

Eldorado Springs Pool

Eldorado Springs Pool is located in Eldorado Springs and is the nearest natural hot spring to Boulder. This natural, historic pool is located in Eldorado Canyon State Park and offers mineral water as well as an exciting water slide and diving board. Choose your potion. This pool is famous for its naturally occurring intensely blue water. It's difficult to believe they were created by Mother Nature. Best Spots To Swim In Colorado Springs

Big Dominguez Canyon

To enjoy the swimming holes and explore the western slopes of Colorado, South of Grand Junction, you can visit Dominguez Escalante National Conservation Area. The Gunnison River supplies water to the Big Dominguez Canyon's swimming pools. While you're swimming, take in stunning views of tranquil pools, rock formations, and waterfalls. These pools are mildly heated, so you can cool off for a few hours during summer, unlike Colorado's watering holes. Each of the three main pools requires a steep hike, but they are all well worth it. Big Dominguez Canyon

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

You can enjoy swimming at Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs during the summer and winter. Although there is an entrance fee, it is well worth the cost. Natural spring pools are surrounded by forests and mountains that rise above the water. There are many cabins available to rent for those looking to turn Strawberry Park Hot Springs into an idyllic weekend escape. The temperature in the hottest pool is over 100 degrees. The cold river runs alongside the pools and is ideal for the summer months. It provides a respite from the natural hot springs. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

The Black Hole

Look no further if you are looking for the watering hole where rebellious teenagers flock when the first heat wave of summer hits. Two Buttes Creek's dam created the Black Hole. It also created the Two Buttes Reservoir, which is the perfect spot for cliff diving. This adrenaline-pumping spot is ideal for thrill-seekers. Show your skills by flipping and diving. The Black Hole

Pagosa Springs Hot Springs

Native Americans have long spoken of the healing properties of hot springs. We agree that a 10-minute soak will make you feel much better. This steamy swimming spot, with its stunning summer sunsets over Pagosa Springs' resort and town, is a relaxing haven. Guinness claims that Pagosa Springs has the world's deepest hot springs. It is approximately 1,002 feet deep. However, it could be deeper as the measuring line that runs from the top to the bottom every time it's estimated is drawn out. Pagosa Springs Hot Springs

2. Lakes

Grand Lake

Grand Lake is Colorado's deepest and largest natural lake. It can be found in the same town. Grand Lake is surrounded by tall trees and rolling hills and is stunning to see and even more so to boat on. There is also a wonderful beach for swimming, just a short distance from the boardwalk. The old-fashioned downtown has more than 60 shops and restaurants. Grand Lake can be explored by renting stand-up paddleboards, canoes, or fishing. Grand Lake

Mystic Island Lake

Love alpine lakes? Head to Mystic island lake, not far from Vail. You can stop at the Fulford Cave Campground to explore the trails leading you to this alpine lake perched at 11,400ft above sea level. A lake high in the clouds is magical. Even though it's often too cold to get a foot in. best lakes to swim in colorado

Lost Man Lake

This destination is perfect for those who visit Aspen and want to drink water: Lost Man Lake, close to Independence Pass (by Aspen). To get there, you'll need to hike Lost Man Pass. Continue on until you reach Independence Lake. This small lake is located at 12,450 feet above sea level on the other side. You can expect a polar plunge. Lost Man Lake

Prospect Lake Beach

Prospect Lake Beach, located in Memorial Skatepark is a beacon for the community's enjoyment and companionship. You can learn about social responsibility and have a great time while swimming or working out as a non-profit member in the YMCA community. This facility is located in Pikes Peak Park, where families can enjoy the large pool and a great diving board. They also get personal training to improve their mind, body, and spirit. There are personal trainers and instructions available for those who are just starting to swim. Prospect Lake Beach

Jackson Lake

The large reservoir is located in the northeast corner of Colorado and is often called an oasis in the plains. It makes sense because there is no water anywhere else. This man-made lake actually features sandy beaches and camping areas -- the ideal beach vacation far from the coast. Jackson Lake

Big Soda Lake

The perfect getaway is Big Soda Lake, which is located in Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood. You can swim on the sandy beach at the Soda reservoir's largest. Big Soda Lake

Wellington Lake

When you travel up to Kenosha Pass, make sure that you stop by Bailey, Colorado, and visit Wellington Lake. This serene lake of 167 acres is a great spot to canoe, fish, or simply get some quiet. It offers beautiful views and blue waters. Wellington Lake

3. Waterfalls

Zappatta Falls

If you are in southern Colorado, take a dip in a mysterious waterfall. Zappata Falls is a favorite place to cool down in San Luis Valley. However, it is not recommended to visit when the runoff is too rapid. Otherwise, it will be dangerous to reach the falls. Zappata Falls can be found near the Great Sand Dunes National Park, at the top end of a winding road. You'll think you've made a wrong turn or lost but just keep going. You can see the waterfall from the parking lot. But, continue on the trail to find the private, 25-foot waterfall hidden in a rocky valley. It is only accessible by wading through the Rio Grande, one of the longest rivers in America. Even though the water is moving too fast to be in the way of the waterfall, it still offers a stunning view. Zappatta Falls

Devil's Punchbow

Colorado is home to two distinct bodies of water. Both are called the Devil's Punchbowl. They are both worth visiting for similar purposes. For adrenaline junkies, the first Devil's Punchbowl is located near Aspen and the Grottos at Independence Pass. You'll find stunning waterfalls here that cascade into a watering hole, surrounded by massive, 20-foot cliffs. Here, brave (or crazy depending on your perspective), swimmers can cliff-jump. You can swim here in the summer when the runoff is less intense, and the Roaring Fork isn't quite as roaring. The second Devil's Punchbowl, which is located near Marble and Crested Butte (Shofield Pass), is also closed. This pool, like Aspen's punchbowl, is fed by a waterfall. Cliff jumping can be done here, too but at your own risk. The water is cold, and it can be dangerous. It is not an easy hike. Still, people love it. Devil's Punchbow

Paradise Cove

About an hour from Colorado Springs is Paradise Cove. It's located near Florrisant. A popular watering hole is located near Cripple Creek. It has deep waters and waterfalls, as well as dramatic cliffs. You can take a plunge into the water if you are brave. Even if you aren't, the views and cool water are breathtaking. Paradise Cove

Adrenaline Falls

Adrenaline Falls is located in the San Juan National Forest. It's a unique cliff-jumping location that will give you an adrenaline rush. This watering hole is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and features a large watering hole that's engorged with massive rock formations from which you can jump in all directions. Adrenaline Falls is a must-see. Adventure seekers will love this summer-must-see. Adrenaline Falls

4. River

Yampah Vapor Caves

Relaxing in the water is also possible. The Yampah Vapor Caves is a natural, underground steaming rock cave that has been transformed into a full-service spa. You can relax in the mineral-rich hot springs water or combine it with spa treatments such as massages, body wraps, reflexology, and mud baths. Enjoy a steam treatment in the cave, and then relax on the marble benches that are hidden in dark alcoves. Yampah Vapor Caves

Boulder Reservoir

Boulderites are active and outdoorsy and love to visit Boulder Reservoir in Boulder. The man-made lake offers great swimming and non-motorized boating with stunning views of the foothills. This reservoir is home to many sporting events. It is located just a short distance from Boulder and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of open land. For a unique Boulder experience, rent a stand-up paddleboard to do paddleboard yoga in the calm waters. Boulder Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Blue Mesa Reservoir is part of the Curecanti National Recreation Area. It's located near Montrose, Gunnison, and can be reached by car. It is Colorado's longest body of water, measuring 20 miles in length. There are beautiful beaches, great fishing, and breathtaking views. Here you can even scuba dive. Because of its size, it's a Colorado bucket-list item. Many people don't think there are 20 miles of water in this mountain-filled landlocked state. Blue Mesa Reservoir

Ruedi Reservoir

Ruedi Reservoir is just outside of Basalt, and it's a paradise for campers. The area boasts four campgrounds that allow you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It's an excellent place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, whether you choose to hike up Red Table Mountain or just lounge on the beach. Ruedi Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir

CSU students can enjoy this beach, as can you. You should visit Fort Collins after you have arrived. This man-made lake was created by four dams and is surrounded by 2,000 acres of public land. You'll see native Coloradans enjoying the sun at the reservoir. Horsetooth Reservoir

Cherry Creek Reservoir

You don't have to travel far from Denver but still want a beautiful lake view. Cherry Creek State Park is located in Aurora. It has an 880-acre reservoir, a natural prairie environment, and views of the Rockies. You can use a paddleboat out or just lay on the sandy beach at the northern shore to enjoy a great summer day near the Mile High City. Cherry Creek Reservoir

Cache La Poudre River

The Cache La Poudre River, near Fort Collins, is just like Horsetooth Reservoir and is a popular spot for Coloradans who are looking to cool down quickly. This scenic river is ideal for swimming and tubing in the middle to late summer. You can find rope swings at Legacy Park and Picnic Rock north of Fort Collins, near the Poudre canyon. Cache La Poudre River

5. Creek

Medano Creek

You'll be sweaty from the Sand Dunes near Alamosa and covered in sand. Medano Creek, which is just a few minutes away, offers a great place to cool down. It is right at the mountain edge, where you can dip your toes. Medano creek is the perfect place to get all of the environment you desire. Medano Creek

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek is always bustling with activity. The mountain creek flows down the canyon, through Boulder College and into the town. Take a tube with you and enjoy a ride through the trees and into the town. After you're done, take a walk along the water. Tube to Work Day is one of the most popular annual events along the water. It's a little like Bike Day but splashier. It sounds like people rent tubes to take down the creek to work. The theory is that people will go to work afterward. This holiday is more like a party in a big city. beaches in colorado springs

Cottonwood Creek Family Centre

The Cottonwood Creek Family Center, one of Colorado Springs' most beloved YMCA foundations, is full of fun. The center has a lazy river, an indoor wave pool, and a vortex zone. Swimming is a popular choice. You can learn to swim and also become a certified lifeguard. Cottonwood Creek offers affordable entertainment and a fully-equipped exercise room and strength training center for members. Annual pass holders get special discounts. Cottonwood Creek Family Centre

Needle Creek

This creek, which is not often seen, is only visited by locals. It is fed by four waterfalls in the San Juan National Forest near the Chicago Basin. The spot is located at the base of four 14ers, Windom, Sunlight and North Eolus. Needle Creek is the perfect place to cool down after a long trek to any of these mountains. Needle Creek

6. Pool

Wilson Ranch Pool

Wilson Ranch Pool's beauty is breathtaking. The team at this Colorado Springs swimming spot is fully committed to supporting youth enrichment through sports and group play. You won't find a better place to bring your kids, or invite friends, than the southeast YMCA. Wilson Ranch Pool Zone is a great place to get in a workout after the summer hours are over. They also offer a full dance and gymnastic curriculum that will improve speed, agility, and strength. community pools colorado springs

Portal Pool

Although the Portal Pool is closed from Memorial Day to Labor Day, it quickly became a favorite family hangout. It was designed to accommodate both adults and children. There are shallow pools that can be used by beginners, as well as tube runs and drop slides for more experienced swimmers. Take a refreshing dip and then head to the picnic tables located in a large field. You don't need to bring lunch. Concession stands can be used to provide food and beverages. If you need to wash off, you will find a fully-equipped shower area and lockers to store your items. These top spots in Colorado Springs are great for swimming if that is your goal. Portal Pool


Whether you're looking for a place to cool off on a hot day or enjoy some time in the water, these places are sure to please. Colorado Springs has something for everyone, from natural pools to world-class water parks. If you're looking for the best place to swim in Colorado Springs, check out these five fantastic options. We hope you will enjoy it!