Best Places To Surf In Puerto Rico 2022: Top Full Location

Puerto Rico is a great place to surf, with plenty of beaches to choose from. The best places to surf in Puerto Rico are at Playa Sucia, Rincon, and Isla Verde. Playa Sucia is a popular spot for beginners, while Rincon is a good place for advanced surfers. Isla Verde is a great place for all levels of surfers.

About Surfing in Puerto Rico

About Surfing in Puerto Rico Surfing Puerto Rico is a great way to ride perfect waves in a tropical paradise. It's only a short flight away from the USA. It can be your best choice to escape the American winter for just a few days. Puerto Rico is known for its powerful waves and a wide variety of surfing spots. It also has the title "Hawaii of The Atlantic," which means it produces some of the most beautiful surf in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico, a US Nation, is located on a Caribbean Island. It is just next to the Dominican Republic. Its stunning landscapes, mountains, rainforests, and waterfalls are known. It is also a popular vacation destination with great surfers beach Puerto Rico, lively nightlife, restaurants, casinos, and other amenities. The surf in Puerto Rico is spectacular. The waves are consistent because the coastline of Puerto Rico is exposed to the North Atlantic winds. It also offers a variety of breaks from points and beaches of all types. You must be a competent surfer to surf Puerto Rico. The waves are very challenging. You don't have to be a pro surfer if you're a beginner or an intermediate. There are plenty of beaches that are perfect for you. Surf in Puerto Rico has its downside: the crowds. Everyone wants to be a part of this incredible and popular sport. You have two options: deal with the crowd or go to the less crowded spots. There are many waves so that everyone can have fun.

Puerto Rico Surf Hazards

Yes, carbon. Sea urchins, jellyfish, strong currents, and sharp, shallow reefs are common threats. Sharks can be found out there, but most people don't give a damn, and there has never been an attack by a shark on a surfer. The annoying "Pichu Pichu," or sea lice, can pinch your skin and cause itching. However, most surfers are too busy to notice such trivialities—sticky fingers. It would help if you kept an eye on what you have.

Best Time Of Year To Surf Puerto Rico

Best Time Of Year To Surf Puerto Rico

1. Fall

Time to get your quiver ready. In late September, the North Atlantic storms kick into gear. The super-deep Puerto Rican trench amplifies these north swells, which bring consistent surf to the North Shore.

2. Winter

Surfers from all parts of the world, but mainly East Coasters, make this their pilgrimage to the juice. From November to February, there is a steady stream of low-pressure systems on the Eastern Seaboard. Most of these systems generate some form of surf for PR, some of which are quite large. Best Places To Surf In Puerto Rico

3. Spring

Enjoying the beloved Vientos Alisios (offshore wind) can be a good time. This is a time for transition. While swells may not be as strong as in wintertime, they are still fairly consistent and enjoyable, except for an overhead swell.

4. Summer

The swell is usually out when schools and colleges are closed. Hurricane season is July-November, but they aren't as predictable during the summer's dog days when temperatures reach 85, and the air temperature varies between the low 80s and high 100s. People mainly seek shade or a wave from the South American Cold Front.

Best Surfing In Puerto Rico


1. Best Surf Spots in Puerto Rico for Beginners:

Middles Beach in Isabela

middles beach in isabela Isabela is the best surfing town in Puerto Rico for beginners and the most beautiful. When you visit, you can expect to find jaw-dropping caverns, lush jungle-furred hills, and water changing from dark sapphire green to bright jade. Middles Beach is home to world-class surfing. It boasts a wide stretch of off-white sandy, lush vegetation and waves breaking rock. Pozo Teodoro is a stunning tidal pool that has been carved into the rock. It can be found just a short distance down. Middles Beach has consistent waves and strong cross-shore breezes. It's beautiful and remote and offers surfing on a large stretch of beach. Fun fact: Middles Beach also hosts the APSPR's Corona Pro Surf Circuit. But don't let that fool you. It's a quiet, undeveloped beach year-round.

Gas Chamber in Aguadilla surf

Gas Chamber in Aguadilla This bizarrely named beach is just one of many photo-worthy spots on Punta Borinquen's five-mile stretch along the shoreline of Aguadilla. This city is located on the northwest coast of Puerto Rico and has 19 beaches. Each beach offers different views and different types of surfing. There are many places to rent a surfboard, group tours, or train you, so even beginners can learn to surf Puerto Rico. There are many other attractions in Aguadilla, such as the Punta Borinquen Golf Club or Cerro Gabrero. This is a colorful, outdoor gallery that displays street art. Gas Chamber beach is calm, relaxing, and ideal for intense and mild surfing. Gas Chamber is a great spot for surfers. Although the currents that bring waves to this beachline don't always appear, you can expect at least 20 feet of surfable waves. The beach is easily accessible, and parking is free. You can find the beach by going to the dock's right side. Fun fact: The beach's name derives from the tubular, low-cresting shore break waves visible in the shallow water.

Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla

Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla Aguadilla was our only choice, so we decided to share its most well-known beach. Crash Boat is located near Gas Chamber and is known for its strong surf. It is a great spot for both experienced and novice surfers. You'd expect that the beach got its name because boats crashed into the long, forked boat, which is the most distinctive feature of the beach from a bird's eye view. The water has become so shallow due to local currents that it isn't suitable for any fishing boat other than the lightest or smallest. This is an excellent choice for intermediate and beginner surfers. Although the surf is not consistent or crazy, this spot is so beautiful that you can see it from your board. You can enjoy the beach yourself, unlike most beaches in Puerto Rico. Fun fact: Stop by Pozo De Jacinto if you're on your way. This roofless cave is located along the shoreline and shoots water like an eruption.

La Islita

La Islita La Islita is a well-known SUP community member for "its best conditions" and its many "paddle for cure" events. It will provide the ideal conditions for a day of SUP adventure for your entire family. Rent a car to explore these amazing places if you are a wanderlust traveler.

Playa Aviones, Loiza Carretera

Playa Aviones, Loiza Carretera Aviones is the right place for you if you are not afraid of crowds. Aviones is a consistent beach for great waves and has a five-star rating by Pelicano Bodyboarding. It is visited every year by thousands of surfers. You'll find yourself between Punta Maldonado & The Beach Club Guest House. This is where you will most likely meet other tourists looking to catch waves in the San Juan surfing vicinity. Don't let this discourage you. Friendly locals will also be available to show you the area and point you in the right direction. Although some complained about the lack of bathroom facilities and showers, this hasn't stopped locals from screaming "Aviones!" When someone asks about surf spots in the capital. Puerto Rico Beach Tennis Open 2022 | Playa Aviones, Loíza | Drift @ Piñones

2. Best Spots for Expert Surfers

Playa Domes Surf Report in Rincón

Playa Domes in Rincón Rincon is the most famous surfer paradise in Puerto Rico. A statue depicting a surfer in the middle of this town in northwest Puerto Rico. There are plenty of surf shops and coaches that offer lessons. It's also a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Playa Domes is the most popular beach in Rincon, attracting surfers from all over the globe. This is Puerto Rico's best spot for passionate surfers. It boasts a stunning wave and a tropical setting. It hosts international competitions that draw pros from all over the globe during peak season. It is also popular with snorkelers, offering amazing views below the waves. Its popularity is the only problem. Avoid the busy winter season if you want a more peaceful experience or don't want to do big-wave surfing. Fun fact: You can see the BONUS nuclear superheating plant from here. It is now fully decommissioned and registered as a historic place by the United States.

La Ocho Surf Report in San Juan

La Ocho in San Juan While beaches are great, every surfer needs a secret spot. This is a small, hidden beach for experienced surfers. Escambron Beach is near La Ocho Surf Shop and has the most beautiful gradient of shallow water. It ranges from light yellow to green to deeper shades as you get further. Escambron Beach is a perfect tourist attraction with palm trees and wild, sandbar-driven summits. A little too perfect. You want to get away from the swimmers and surf some waves. La Ocho is the most popular spot for surfing on this beautiful shore. Although you must paddle for a while, the spot offers consistent waves. La Ocho is a great spot to surf if the beach isn't what matters most to you, but the water and its crowdedness. The water is where the magic happens, after all. The shop is also home to everything you need, including board rentals, wax, and replacement fins. Fun fact: Although this is believed to have been the first spot for surfing in San Juan Puerto Rico surf spots, it has become less popular over time as more Puerto Rico surfing beaches are developed into resorts. You can enjoy more waves.

Tres Palmas in Rincón

Tres Palmas in Rincón Tres Palmas is a protected area that forms part of the wildlife preserve. You will find some amazing swells on a good surf day. This quiet beach, which is not well-known, is a favorite spot for professional surfers. Parking is free at this beach, and access to the beach is easy. Waves are consistently large and hold well over semi-shallow reefs. Beginners might be advised to be cautious. Tres Palmas can be a serious board-breaker, so it's a great place to increase your surfing endurance. It's an alternative to Playa Domas if you are up for a challenge. Fun fact: The water is crystal clear. You might still be able to find something if you drop it in the shallows. Puerto Rico is a great place to surf in the Caribbean. It has both the perfect climate and a wide variety of shorelines. There are also many surf shops and instructors. No matter where you are located, you can enjoy a great day surfing. Rincon Puerto Rico surfing

El Marullo Inches

El Marullo Inches El Marullo Inches beach in the Caribbean is a unique type of beach. You won't find white sandy beaches here, but you will find a mixture of sands and rocks along the shore. This gives rise to some of the most beautiful waves in Puerto Rico, the south. You can spot anybody, including bodyboarders, Drop-Knee riders, or SUP'ers. It is where many southerly athletes get started, such as Lara Yamila Lebron, the local champ and rising star.

Los Tubos, Carretera

Los Tubos, Carretera Los Tubos, a town on the northern coast, is a great place to experience an undiscovered adventure. This beach is located in the northwest and offers similar conditions to Aguadilla's surf. It can also hold large swells.

Boca del Cibuco, or Cibuco, Carretera

Boca del Cibuco, or Cibuco, Carretera This is where Edgar "Galdo" and his brother Octavio "Tavo" have competed. Many contests like the Puerto Rico Triple Crown, which features massive waves and deep water, are held throughout the year. Stand-up paddleboarding is also a popular activity on the beach. SUP'ers sometimes steal waves from competitors while having a good time laughing at their wave-stealing skills. Talking about SUP: If you are looking for calmer waters, you can either drive or walk about two minutes to the nearby public beach in Vega Baja. The waters there are calmer.

Cerro Gordo, Carretera

Cerro Gordo, Carretera Cerro Gordo can be used as both a public and private beach. It is also part of a national park. You will find the main entrance to the public beach. To the left, you'll see the private area that hosts a few large homes that use the beach for their backyard. This area is ideal for snorkeling, diving, and sustainable fishing. A public beach area is a great place to paddleboard if you aren't afraid of crowds on a summer day. The surprise is just up the hill past the camping area. Most of the Vega Alta/Vega Baja surfers got their start. These include Galdo Gomez, a world-class Drop-Knee champ, and Tavo, his brother. Warning! Cerro Gordo's rip currents are well-known. Don't be surprised if the advisory comes up.

Kikita Surf Beach, Calle

Kikita, Calle Most foreigners who visit Puerto Rico do not visit this spot to surf. It is a hidden beach, and only locals can surf it. You will find some powerful waves without crowds if you are willing to make an effort.

3. Best Surf in Puerto Rico for all

La Parguera, Carretera

La Parguera beach, Carretera La Parguera, located in the island's southwest corner, is home to the famous bioluminescent bay. The beach is dotted with "islotes," or small islands, which create an incredibly varied experience for everyone who visits. It's the ideal place to learn windsurfing with winds between 15 and 20 kts. There is something for everyone, from fishing and sailing to easy access at the Zoo located in Mayaguez (a 20- to 30-minute drive). It would help if you also took advantage of La Parguera's deepwater fishing and scuba diving opportunities. Look out for Captain Mickey, a marine biologist who owns the best charters in the area.

Lago Cerrillos, Maragüez

Lago Cerrillos, Maragüez Lago Cerrillos should be your destination if you love hiking and exploring the world in all its forms. This spot is located off of PR Road 139. You will be amazed at the beauty of this area as you paddle through the lake in the pearl of South America, Ponce. The U.S. Army Corps completed the construction of this lake in 1992. Since then, the Central American and Caribbean Games' canoeing, rowing, and rowing events have been held at the lake. Torneo de pesca en Lago Cerrillos, Ponce PR. 04-2022

Playa Caza y Pezca, Carretera

Playa Caza y Pezca, Carretera If you are looking for decent-sized waves surrounded by historical structures/sites, stay in Arecibo. You can walk about five minutes from La Marginal towards Playa Caza y Pezca. This is where bodyboarders, SUP'ers, and surf clinics can enjoy the stunning waves. Stay all day if you are up for it. You'll see some of the most stunning sunsets you will ever see in your life.

La Marginal, Avenida Victor Rojas, Carretera

La Marginal, Avenida Victor Rojas, Carretera This great spot is located just off the highway, near the town of Arecibo. This beach is known for its consistent surf and ability to withstand any swell. You can find some amazing barrels when the wind blows offshore.

Surf Lessons & Surfboard Rentals

Although Puerto Rico's surf is best for intermediate and advanced surfers, it is possible to take lessons and find safe spots suitable for beginners. These are some resources to rent a surfboard or take lessons. Mar Azul Surf Shop Rincon offers a wide selection of rental surfboards.

  • $25 per day, $150 per week
  • Rincon Surf School & Resort
  • Surfing Lessons Puerto Rico
  • Surf 787

Surf Hotels in Puerto Rico

Surfing in Puerto Rico is a great way to get the best waves. These are the top surf hotels on the island. Villa Cofresi Hotel, Rincon - Villa Cofresi Hotel can be found in Rincon. It is just a 2-minute drive from Rincon Central Plaza. Domes Beach is 6 minutes away. Among the amenities, you will find luggage storage, a library, and ATM/banking services. This hotel has a conference center and meeting space. Tamboo Beside The Pointe - Your stay at Tamboo Beside the Pointe in Rincon will put you on the beach. It is just stepping away from Sandy Beach and only 5 minutes from Playa Mara. Limited hours are available at the front desk. Parking is limited. Punta Borinquen Resort - Located in Aguadilla's Punta Borinquen Resort, guests will be within 5 minutes of Survival Beach and Punta Borinquen Golf Club. The hotel offers a 24-hour front desk and multilingual staff. There is also luggage storage. Are you planning an event in Aguadilla? The Puerto Rico surf resort offers facilities measuring 0 sq. m (0.54 meter) and conference space. has the best deals for Puerto Rico surf hotels. It's not surprising that Puerto Rico is a popular destination for surfing. It's hard to imagine a better place than Puerto Rico, where you can surf the perfect wave in warm Caribbean waters. Puerto Rico has great waves and a great atmosphere. It's a great place to have a blast.


Puerto Rico is a beautiful island with many amazing beaches. It is a popular destination for surfers from all over the world. There are many great places to surf in Puerto Rico, but a few stand out above the rest. Playa Jobos is one of the best surfing spots on the island. It is located in the town of Isabela and is known for its great waves and beautiful scenery. Another great spot for surfing is La Pared Beach, which is located in the town of Rincon. This beach is known for its long, powerful waves and is a popular spot for both beginner and experienced surfers.