Best Places To Surf East Coast 2022: Top Full Location For You

There are many best places to surf East Coast of the United States. Depending on your experience level and location, different spots may be better for you. Some popular places to surf on the east coast include Virginia Beach, Outer Banks, and Myrtle Beach.

An Introduction To Surfing On The East Coast

An Introduction To Surfing On The East Coast Although surfing on the East Coast may not be as memorable as surfing on the West Coast, it is a great place to surf. This land of beaches, barrier islands, and sandbanks have a lot to offer. Many surf frontiers remain unexplored. These include the Canadian border, northern Maine, and the Outer Banks. These towns are interspersed with top-quality surf communities, including Cocoa Beach, Florida, the hometown of Kelly Slater). The East Coast is 2,370 miles long. It runs from the Florida Keys to the Gulf of Mexico, all the way to New England's wooded beaches. It's impossible to sum up, all the possibilities here. There are many, from flat points to beginner waves near major cities. This part of the USA is worth exploring if you know where and when to go. There are some downsides to surfing the East Coast. One is the short swell window. The region waits for the winter storm surges from the Caribbean. You can also find 5/4 winter wetsuits at the northern breaks. There are also sharks around. Best Places To Surf East Coast

Surfing On The East Coast At A Glance

1. Pros

  • Winter storm sessions are like no other
  • There are many undiscovered places to explore.
  • A-frames for quality sandbank Sandbank

2. Cons

  • It's frigid cold
  • Popular places are full of people
  • Some states have flat summers and little swell windows.

Best Surf Spot On The East Coast

1. Best East Coast Surfing For Beginners

Long Beach Island, New Jersey - best surfing beaches in america

Long Beach Island, New Jersey Long Beach Island in Ocean County, NJ, is surfing on East Coast for beginners. It's located about 20 miles north of Atlantic City. LBI is a popular beach in the state. It has beautiful white sand, small to medium waves, and many surf shops along its 18-miles. There are also lessons available on the bayside before heading out onto the ocean. You're best to visit during the summer months. Weekends are extremely crowded and can be frustrating. LBI will be your new favorite thing once you get used to it.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida You can take it from the North to the South and then down to the East Coast. We are at Cocoa Beach in Florida. It is well-known for being where Kelly Slater was born, and it will be a popular surfing spot. This beach is great for beginners and intermediate surfers alike. The downside to this is the fact that it can be quite crowded on the beach. These are not all surfers but beachgoers, so there will be plenty of room to ride the waves.

Montauk, New York

Montauk, New York This once-sleepy fishing community, where Long Island's tip juts into the Atlantic, can have surfers who are just as reserved and snobby as the Manhattan one-percenters, who come here in their Land Rovers in summer. Ditch Plains beach is east of downtown and most friendly for beginners. However, it is a popular spot so you can go on weekdays. Be sure to grab a turkey-and-mozzarella Grant sandwich at the Ditch Witch food truck when you're there.

Sea Isle City Beach, New Jersey

Sea Isle City Beach, New Jersey We get it. "Two New Jersey beaches are great for beginners surfers?" It's true! The Garden State is a paradise of surfing pleasures, and Sea Isle City Beach is just waiting for you to have a bite. Plenty of surf breaks will be scattered over the 5 miles of white sand. There is also a real surfing community willing to help newbies get started in surfing. Sea Isle City Beach is a great place for beginners to surf. Many rental shops make renting easy.

South Beach, Florida

South Beach, Florida Although Miami is not a top surf destination, the waves aren't as consistent as at other beaches. But don't let that stop you from enjoying this beach. You can have great fun on a longboard, even on quiet days. It can be really exciting when the conditions are right. You can't go wrong with beautiful white sand or a balmy 80-degree beach. You can surf and enjoy the lifestyle of surfing, whether you are from the east coast or just visiting. You'll be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the waves, and the friendly people.

St. Augustine Beach, FL

St. Augustine Beach, FL Cocoa beach is in Central Florida. You can take a 2-hour drive North to St. Augustine Beach for more amazing surf. St. Augustine is a great place for beginners. It is known as one of the best places in Florida to learn how to surf (which is a big deal considering that there are 663 miles to go). Even an expert, don't be afraid to have fun. You can find a wave in this spot, whether you are a longboarder or a shortboarder.

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Wrightsville Beach, NC The Outer Banks aren't the only place to surf in North Carolina. Wrightsville Beach is a popular spot in the southern region of North Carolina, especially because of its storm swells. Its location on the coast makes it a great spot to get storm-made waves, especially during hurricane seasons. You can also find decent surf suitable for beginners outside hurricane season. You might prefer the warmer waters of Nantucket or Rhode Island.

2. Best Surfing On The East Coast For Expert Surfers

Ruggles, Newport, RI

Ruggles, Newport, RI It might surprise you that Rhode Island is the smallest US state and one of the most popular spots for serious, beaches with big waves in US. Ruggles offers almost certain breaking waves, which experienced and intermediate surfers should only attempt. Barrel surfing is also possible here. These famous waves are located at the end of this beach. Ruggles is a great spot for those who don't mind the cold waters. It offers incredible waves and stunning ocean views, which you must experience when surfing the East Coast.

Rye, New Hampshire

Rye, New Hampshire New Hampshire is known for its mountains and lakes, not the ocean. Its 17-mile Atlantic coast is equally welcoming for adventure seekers. Because of the steady swells and laid-back atmosphere, Rye is a popular spot for surfers. Rye on The Rocks is the best spot for surfing, but this spot can be dangerous to beginners. Instead, try Wallis Beach or Jenness Beach.

Sebastian Inlet, Florida

Sebastian Inlet, Florida Sebastian Inlet, one of the most popular surfing areas on the East Coast, is where Kelly Slater, the legendary WTC surfer, first tried the waves. Because the waves are amplified by several shallow sandy bars, the north side of the inlet has the best waves. This results in a bigger, more consistent wave with multiple peaks and still one of the best hollow swells along the coast. Sebastian Inlet is a great place for intermediate and novice surfers, depending on the conditions and wave size.

Manasquan, New Jersey

Manasquan, New Jersey The Jersey Shore is your home! Manasquan Beach is a popular surfing spot on the East Coast. It can be crowded, especially in great conditions. It creates a fun, fast right that barrels beautifully. Visitors should be cautious as there is a jetty directly in front of the more tranquil left. This beach has one problem: the rules and regulations for surfing. Surfers must not surf after 5 pm and before 9 am in the summer months. There is not much time to be had, so make the most of it!

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

New Smyrna Beach, Florida Another Florida beach with amazing swells is New Smyrna. It's home to quality waves and longer rides due to the sandbars between jetties. This area is ideal for surfers trying performance tricks or aerials. Barrels are common here. Surfers can choose to go left or right when the waves are big. These waves are among the best on the East Coast and are a perennial contender for the top 5.

3. Best Surfing East Coast For All

Cisco Beach, Nantucket, MA

Cisco Beach, Nantucket, MA You can either go big, or you can go home. Let's get started with Cisco Beach. This spot is not recommended for beginners. The swells can be large and suitable for intermediate-to-advanced surfers. This spot is known for being on the "rougher" side of the island. Be prepared for more wind and rougher surf. Here you can also find waves for beginners. This is actually where you will find a surf school! This beach offers rental gear if you forget something, such as a surfboard or wetsuit. You'll have safety precautions in place with lifeguards at the beach.

Kitty Hawk, Outer Banks, NC

Kitty Hawk, Outer Banks, NC You will find plenty of surf spots on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This location is unbeatable, but Kitty Hawk is the best surfing East Coast. Kitty Hawk is different from other Outer Banks surf spots. Its location is excellent, right in the middle of the Outer Banks. It is easy to park and has easy access to shops, food, and surf rentals. It's also reliable for great surfing. You can find huge waves right after a storm if you are looking for them. Waves perfect for surfing can be found almost every day of the summer or early fall.

White Crest Beach, Wellfleet, MA

White Crest Beach, Wellfleet, MA Let's talk about colder waters. Here's White Crest Beach, Cape Cod. Cape Cod beaches can be a bit sleepy when surfing, but you won't want them to miss if you want the best. White Crest Beach, Wellfleet, is known as the "surfer's Beach," which suggests why it made it onto this list. Although it's best known for its perfect waves for longboarders, all types of surfers can enjoy this spot. Keep an eye out for great white sharks.

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Folly Beach, South Carolina It's easy for people to forget that South Carolina is just as popular as North Carolina. Although South Carolina waves may not be as intense as North Carolina's, Folly Beach is still worth visiting. The "Washout" surf spot attracts surfers from around the world for its storm swells, great location, and easy access (20 minutes from Charleston). This beach is located along the coast and has excellent surf.


After much discussion and deliberation, we have concluded the best places to surf on the east coast. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our opinion. Tavik believe the best place to surf on the east coast is New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The waves here are the most consistent east coast surf, and the sand is soft and white.