Best Places To Learn To Surf Around The World 2022

There are many beautiful places to learn to surf around the world. Some of the best places to learn to surf include Bondi Beach in Australia, Taghazout in Morocco, and Maui in Hawaii. Each location has its unique surf culture and community that can teach beginners the ropes of this thrilling sport. Where To Learn To Surf In The World?

Where To Learn To Surf In The World?

1. In the Americas

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo, Costa Rica Learning how to surf without worrying about crashing into craggy coral or dodging rocks is not easy. Have you ever seen Sarah Marshall? Playa Tamarindo's sandy beaches are safe from all of these worries. The Andaz Costa Rica Resort is located at Peninsula Papagayo. This luxury hotel sits on a hillside and offers a beautiful beachfront location. Andaz has partnered with (RED), Bono’s non-profit that fights AIDS. This will allow you to feel lighthearted while on vacation. The hotel will donate 30% of the room rate to (RED), and you'll receive a $100 spa credit. You also get complimentary cocktails, juice, and lunch in your cabana.

San Onofre, California

San Onofre, California Some surf spots have scary names, such as Jaws or Cyclops. If you have never tried this, avoid them. Instead, look for something more relaxed like San Onofre State Beach's Ole Man's. For lessons, visit Stewart Surfboards San Clemente. If you are ready to move up to the next level, visit Stewart Surfboards to purchase one of Bill Stewart's legendary boards. Stewart, also known as "Kentucky’s Greatest Surfe," has created over 40,000 boards over his lifetime. Just 15 minutes from Old Man's, you'll find Casa Tropicana. This charming boutique hotel is located on the San Clemente beach. If you are lowanty amenities, you can drive another fifteen minutes to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

New Smyrna Beach, Florida Most surfers know Florida is not often considered one of the top ten spots. Despite its many white beaches, the state doesn't have the consistent, great breaks that make it a great spot for surfing vacations for beginners. There are still some beaches that offer waves and a few that have consistent breaks from sand bars or jetties. New Smyrna seems to be an average Florida surfing beach. The sharks that live just offshore of New Smyrna, right in the middle of the best surfing spots, add to its crazy appeal. New Smyrna is the shark capital of the world, with up to 20 attacks per year. If you are in town and up for the challenge, it is worth walking down Flagler Avenue downtown, where there are many surf shops and outfitters. Surf guides in Florida are available to help you locate the best spots and the best areas to surf. You could be fined and even get booted from the beach for crossing into unsafe waters. Bryn Wied is a full-time travel writer/blogger from Lake Tahoe, California. Her work has been featured in many publications and websites. She has also written several travel articles. She travels with Matt, her husband, and Jamison, their daughter.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii The famous "pipe" in Hawaii may be the inspiration for surf legends, but surfers should be cautious about jumping into the waters. In the past ten years, more than five people have drowned surfing the pipes at Banzai Beach. Although the break is perfect, the waves quickly transform into great pipes that are difficult to conquer. A Hawaiian surf guide can be hired from Pupukea, or any other North Shore area outfitter, to help you navigate the waves and locate the best spots for pipes.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Cocoa Beach, Florida Surf Report: Picnic Tables are north of Patrick Air Force Base and produce gentle rollers all year. Scene: Seasonal snowbirds; Novices from Tampa, Orlando. Bonus: You can watch rockets launch from Cape Canaveral and practice your take-offs.

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz, California Surf Report: Sets that reach 200 yards from the shore are waist-high. In summer, it is chilly in 55-degree water. Wetsuits required. Scene: Santa Cruz's most welcoming spot, packed with locals. Bonus: Play pinball at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk apres-surf.

Montanita, Ecuador

Montanita, Ecuador Ah, Montanita is one of the favorite surf towns worldwide! This stunning piece of South America is where I surf coach. It's one of my favorite places to learn to surf. The mellow, rolling beaches are the perfect place to practice your moves. But the town is also great for fun when you're not on the beach. If you plan to travel to South America or Ecuador, make sure you plan enough time for surfing, sun, and salsa dancing in Montanita.

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica Costa Rica is a top choice for surf destinations in Central America. Its tropical climate, spectacular beaches, and an Americanized infrastructure make it extremely accessible. The Endless Summer was a draw for seasoned surfers, but Playa Tamarindo is a great place to start. It is a wonderful learning place, with miles of white sandy beaches and playful surf. There are many surf camps and instructors available to assist you. The town has great party vibes, too. It's a surfing and partying hot spot with all the Central American flair you could want!

San Diego, California

San Diego, California San Diego has a great coastline and year-round waves. There are many great waves for advanced surfers. However, San Diego's sandy beaches and calm breaks make it a great place to learn how to surf. Stay at Surfhouse Encinitas to take lessons from their experienced surf instructors.

Malibu, California

Malibu, California This legendary spot has waves for all skill levels and styles of surfers. Surfrider Beach offers three right-hand point breaks as the swell continues towards the pier. The first point is fast and hollow and can be dangerous, but the second and third points are great for getting you moving down the beach. If you need assistance, Malibu Makos Surf Camp can help.

Montauk, New York

Montauk, New York Montauk was featured in Surfer magazine among the "Top Ten Surf Towns In America." It is a popular destination for local and international surfers. Ditch Plains is an excellent spot to practice before you venture out into more crowded lines. CoreysWave offers technical tips for all skill levels and ages.

Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita, Mexico Sayulita and Riviera Nayarit have become popular destinations for surf trips due to the variety of waves that break on these beaches. The reefs outside the town offer a subtropical climate similar to that of the Hawaiian Islands. This makes it ideal for both beginners and longboarders. I Love Waves provides personalized yoga and surfing instruction in the Riviera. Casa Saturno is a luxurious place to stay with your group. Petit Hotel Hafa is another great option, which is a boutique hotel located in the middle of all the action.

Tofino, Canada

Tofino, Canada Tofino, Canada's surfing capital, is best known for its beginner-friendly waves. You'll find the best beginner surfing lessons and great waves all year. This is where you should go if you're looking for adventure. Many areas of Canada offer great skiing opportunities, making it one of the most popular destinations for extreme and difficult sports.

Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara, Costa Rica Nosara, Costa Rica, is a paradise that offers a great surf scene and tropical paradise. Surfers are seeking alternative beaches as some of the most popular sports in the country are becoming too crowded. This area should be on your bucket list. For learners, the beaches around Nosara are great, especially Playa Nosara, with its excellent beach and reef break. It doesn't just have to be about surfing. The vast Costa Rican coastline offers many tourist options, including snorkeling and scuba diving adventures and volunteering with sea Turtles at the beach.

Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Puntarenas, Costa Rica Mal Pais, Puntarenas is another fantastic area in Costa Rica. There are many places to surf in Costa Rica. Mal Pais, however, is a great spot for beginners as it provides some privacy and calm for training. Mal Pais isn't like other surf spots that are crowded and where beginners might feel intimidated or have trouble finding space in the water. Mal Pais is a beautiful beach with plenty of space to practice your tricks. There are few places more beautiful than the beaches of this coast for boarding.

Santa Catarina, Brazil

Santa Catarina, Brazil There are many reasons to visit Brazil. From the delicious food and wine to the Carnaval and stunning beaches, there is much to see and do. This spot is quickly becoming a popular surf spot, with all levels of surfers flocking to it for its waves. Florianopolis in Santa Catarina should be your first choice if you are a beginner. This place is known as "Floripa" by the locals. It has 42 beaches and offers waves for all levels of riders. If you are looking for lessons in surfing, Barra Da Lagoa beach is a great choice. The nightlife scene is unbeatable. There's music to please everyone, from samba to electronic. There are plenty of beach bars and great cafes for all price levels.

San Juan del Sur, Nicuragua

San Juan del Sur, Nicuragua Nicuragua is another addition from Central America, but it's certainly more off-the-beaten-path than Costa Rica. It's a relatively new addition to the surf scene, but it's one that Central has to offer. Those who put in the effort and time will enjoy largely empty beaches and tropical vibes. If you don't mind straying too far from the track, San Juan del Surf is the place to go. This lively tourist town offers plenty (including the famous Sunday Funday). We're talking about surfing, though! There are many mellow beaches in the area, and plenty of hostels and camps will take you along and teach you how to surf.

2. In Europe

Sagres, Portugal

Sagres, Portugal Portugal is another hot spot to escape the European winter. It has some great surf all year. There are many sheltered beaches to choose from for those who want to learn how to surf. Many accredited surf schools and camps can offer daily lessons and full-week-long trips to get you started. Portugal is a great place to surf because of its cheap food and affordable flights from Europe and the UK. Fly into Faro and then travel to Sagres. If you are looking for more hustle and bustle, you could opt for a stay in Lagos or a surf camp. However, the best beginner waves are found further down the coast.

Ericeira, Portugal

Ericeira, Portugal Ericeira Portugal was once a small fishing village. Thanks to its beautiful views, stunning beaches, and high density of surfing breaks, it has grown to be a tourist hotspot and surfing paradise. Although this region is home to some world-class waves, it also offers plenty of suitable waves for beginners. Rapture Surfcamp Portugal offers great surf camps close to the beach. They also offer surf/stay packages and a la carte lessons with licensed instructors.

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal The Algarve coast is most well-known for its beautiful beaches, golf resorts, and whitewashed fishing communities. Sun worshippers and foodies love it here. It is not something that most surfers would want to visit. Lagos, an Algarve resort, is home to many surf schools. There are many waves within a 30-minute drive from this stretch of shore. Bars and nightclubs are open until 10 pm so there will be plenty of chances to meet people and have fun while traveling. Learn more about traveling to Portugal and the volunteer projects.

Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo, Portugal We offer many volunteer opportunities for travelers who want to experience Portugal fully. These include volunteering with animals and marine conservation and helping out in construction. Portugal is a beautiful destination for travelers, with its amazing food and wine, charming cities, and unique culture. It doesn't need to cost a lot. Another attraction is its beautiful beaches. Some parts of the coast are great for surfing. Alentejo is still relatively undeveloped. This means you'll find beautiful, uncrowded beaches. These beaches are great for learning how to surf, and you won't need to compete for water space. You can train at your own pace and have the peace you need to build courage.

Newquay, UK

Newquay, UK It's time to get out of the tropics and head for the UK. Yes, it's true. People are shocked to learn that you can surf in the UK. But this tiny island in the Atlantic was where I learned to surf. Newquay is the UK's most well-known surf town. This little corner of Cornwall has great waves for all levels. Fistral Beach is where you should go for consistent surfing, but Watergate Bay is another favorite. There are many surf schools around the area. Book a lesson and learn the basics of surfing before going on your warm water adventure.

Saunton, UK

Saunton, UK Saunton was the beach where I spent most of my childhood surfing, so it cut! This spot is located in North Devon, alongside Croyde & Putsborough, which are 2 of my favorite UK surfing spots. Saunton is a great place to learn how to surf. It has a long shore appeal, and the waves break along a large sandy beach. Saunton Beach is home to only one surf school. However, it's a great place to start your solo surfing adventures.

Bristol, UK

Bristol, UK Is Bristol not a city located miles from the coast? It's home to The Wave, one of the best wave pools in the entire world. The Wave offers surf lessons in Bristol and pumps up an enormous range of intermediate and advanced wave types. It is a great place to learn how to surf if you are looking for controlled, consistent conditions all year. It's not the ocean, however. Don't forget to learn about ocean safety before you head for the beach. URBNSURF Wavepool in Melbourne may be a good option if you are an Aussie!

Thurso, Scotland

Thurso, Scotland Scotland is a top surf destination known for its stunning landscapes and rugged coastline. You can find Thurso in the north Highlands. It is home to some of the best waves in Britain and is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to surf in a friendly and safe environment. Be aware of the strong winds, making it more difficult to master the waves. You should also check the weather forecast, as Scotland doesn’t have all-year sun. So make sure you have your wetsuit ready!

3. In Asia

Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak, Bali Double Six Beach is a paradise for beginners in surfing, located in Bali. Waves break regularly. You won't have to worry about your budget with one-on-one instruction or board rental. The water temperature is very pleasant. The water temperature is pleasant AF. There are many hotels within walking distance of the beach. These include The Royal Beach Seminyak Bali. You will find everything from budget guest rooms to luxurious villas with Balinese doors here.

Siargio, Philippines

Siargio, Philippines Siargio is home to a variety of surf spots. There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, so you can island-hop to anyone that interests you. The waves of the Philippines are best for experienced surfers and can be unpredictable at times. However, beginners can still learn from them. Because of their relaxed atmosphere, the beaches of Siargio make a great choice for beginners. The views are spectacular, the waters are warm and inviting, and you will feel completely relaxed even if you don't like surfing.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand Thailand was almost unheard of before the 90s as a surfing destination. However, it is quickly becoming a favorite among travelers looking for full moon parties, surf, and sea. The Thai coast is perfect for beach lovers and has a great backpacker vibe. The country is blessed with two bodies of water suitable for surfing: the Andaman Sea in Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand. The Andaman coast is the best place to go if you are looking for strong waves. Spend some time in Phuket at the beginner-friendly beaches of Kata Noi and Patong. You'll find the best surf schools here, and you can also try other places once you feel confident. Surin, Kamala, and Kata have enough length to offer a great surf session for everyone.

Ahangama, Sri Lanka

Ahangama, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is now a top-rated place to learn how to surf after being a professional photographer for several seasons. AhangamaThere is a wide variety of waves on the South West Coast that are suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. Ahangama is a popular tourist spot along the coast and one of the most uncrowded. Stick and Marshmallows are the places I recommend visiting. Marshmallows are an amazing, deep-water reef that's great fun (honestly, you wouldn't be hard pushed not to go!)—ideal for longboarders and beginners. Sticks, on the other hand, can produce more punchy and hollow waves, but a smaller wave is excellent for beginners. The Ticket to Ride Surf House is right in front of them - making it the ideal base for some incredible coaching.

Weligama, Sri Lanka

Weligama, Sri Lanka Weligama, which means "sandy beach" in Spanish, is the perfect translation. Two kilometers of sandy beach, with good wind protection and small rolling waves. The surf season on Sri Lanka's southwest coast is from November to April. However, Weligama offers great conditions year-round for beginners. The amazing all-inclusive yoga and surf retreats at Soul & Surf Sri Lanka are highly recommended.

Matara, Sri Lanka

Matara, Sri Lanka Surfers will find Weligama, Matara, a paradise. It is a safe bay that makes it easy for beginners to surf. You'll find many places to get your equipment, including board rental shops and surf schools. The best thing about this surf community is its mix of new and experienced surfers. You won't feel isolated. You won't feel embarrassed after a few waves of the waves because you have so much support from fellow novices. You can combine a surfing vacation with one of our wildlife conservation holidays in Sri Lanka.

4. In Oceania

Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay, Australia Head to the Land of Tim Tams or Vegemite for a beginner-friendly surf vacation. Byron Bay in southeastern Australia is one of the most popular surf spots. Newcomers are welcome to the radiant blue waters. However, booking lessons at Soul Surf School can get the most from your trip. Sessions for four hours start at $65 (AU). You can also relax at your cottage (also known as The Atlantic Byron Bay), a sun-filled hotel dedicated to your new surf lifestyle.

Yamba, Australia

Yamba, Australia Compared to Byron Bay 25 years ago, Yamba has a beach vibe and is another great beginner spot in Australia. Turners Beach is a great place to have fun and enjoy sheltered waves all year. You'll also often see dolphins! Yamba is more peaceful and relaxed than Byron Bay. So, meet Shayno, Surf Camp Down Under, to take his lessons and enjoy the relaxed vibes of Yamba!

Wollongong, Australia

Wollongong, Australia Thirroul Beach, Wollongong is just one hour from Sydney Airport. Learn to surf there. There are many reputable surf schools and beginner's camps. However, the community is vibrant and friendly, regardless of your experience level. Our surfing program is offered at our top surf school. You will learn through water-based sessions, classroom theory lessons, and on-land exercise sessions. This program is for beginners as well as more experienced surfers. Our Australia Surf Camp and Development Course is suitable for anyone who can swim. All accommodation and transfers are included.

Raglan, New Zealand

Raglan, New Zealand Welcome to the Land of the Long White Cloud! Ragland, New Zealand's main point break, is one of the most outstanding left-handers in the world. I've been lucky enough to witness it at work and have had some fantastic sessions while I was there! The beach break at Raglan, New Zealand, is also a great place to learn how to surf while you're there. This location is unique with its volcanic sands and black sands. However, these empty lines are the ideal place to practice. Raglan Surf School offers lessons and packages for surf and stay.

5. In Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town would be my top choice if I had to choose one place on the list to learn how to surf. Cape Town is full of amazing things to do. You can jam-pack your itinerary! There are also some amazing wave son offers here. Muizenberg Beach is the perfect place to learn how to surf and is the ideal spot for beginner surfers. This beach is long and sandy, with perfect waves for beginners or those who want to improve their pop.

Coffee Bay, South Africa

Coffee Bay, South Africa Coffee Bay, a stunning spot in South Africa, is another addition to the list. It's located just a few hours from Durban. It is an excellent spot for learning to surf. Expect friendly locals, relaxed vibes, and fun, mellow surfing peaks. The Coffee Shack, the village's only hostel, also offers the most affordable surf lessons anywhere. A 2-hour lesson costs about $6AUD or $4USD on PS3. I don't know how if this doesn't convince you to take a lesson and surf the waves!

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa You'll find Jeffery’s Bay in the country's southern-east. This popular spot is a favorite with local surfers. You can find many shops that offer full equipment, making it a great place for beginners. If you are looking to catch waves for the first time, Dolphin Beach is the best place. You can learn the basics quickly here, and the locals will be accommodating. You can also count on a great surf community as this place is home to the Billabong Pro World Championships. There are many volunteer programs in South Africa. Some of them are in Port Elizabeth, only 50 minutes from Jeffery's bay.

Taghazout, Morocco

Taghazout, Morocco Surfers from all over the world know the Taghazout surfing scene. Anchor Point is one of the most famous point breaks in the world. Taghazout is a great place to learn how to surf. There are many amazing surf schools and camps in the area that can help you. You can learn surfing at Devils Rock and Crocs or KM21. There are many other great intermediate spots if you're looking to take your surfing to the next level. Taghazout is a great place to escape the European winter. You can fly into Agadir airport, and it costs very little to land.


The answer to the question of the best place to learn to surf depends on several factors. These include the surfer's experience level, the type of waves available, and the amount of time the surfer has to devote to learning. With that said, a few general locations tend to be popular among beginners. These include Hawaii, California, Australia, and South Africa.